Country Too
© 2018 Steve Lea

I was having a good hair day soon to be a Friday night
Stepped in to my Jimmy Choos to make it feel just right
Took the limo down to Limestone Road and went to Hester’s Creek
Dancing till the dawn I did and wandered to the beat

And I could have kept on going if it wasn’t for those shoes
So what’s a city girl to do? 
When I’m Country Too

The concrete doesn’t ground me and the dirt is where to play
I’m Looking for a tractor with a man who works the day
French Manicure or fresh manure why would you have to choose
and my Radio ain’t playin you unless you’ve got the moves

Yes I’m eager and I willing to work the fields with you
Sitting pretty in the city?  
No !
I’m Country Too

Hittin fancy clubs dressed to the 9’s they say I’m quite a dish
But I’m better clad in hip waders and I can gut a fish

I live the best of both worlds cause I got nothing to loose
Singing to Twity the city
'cause I’m Country Too

With My hook line and sinker
don’t look like Im the drinker of fine wines
but I’ll cross over the city line

I can hold my head up proudly take my privilege as I do
cause I’m working class and kicking ass with whatever I choose
I can do without the highbrow cause it comes without the fight
I like working hard and play hard it helps me sleep at night

There One more thing I meant to say though it really isn’t news
You see I truly love my Country
but I also love … the Blues