Ghost In My Life
© 2018 Alyson Waite

Sky keeps on changing
Clouds rearranging my mind
All the time
Seasons keep turning, but
My heart keeps on yearning
For a season with you in my life…

Every day a new landscape
But the one thing I can’t escape
Is the feeling of you by my side
Ghost in my life
Ghost in my life

It’s always seemed to me
So many possibilities
And that’s why
One day, it’s one way
The next day, it’s all changed
Stuck between the grey of the lines

‘Cause maybe if I’d made the call
I wouldn’t be here at all
And wondering if you wondered the same
Now it’s too late
Why did I wait…

If hindsight is perfect vision
Well it sure has left me wishin’
That I wasn’t so afraid, to jump in all the way
Tell you what my heart had to say
Had to say…

So the sky keeps on changing
Clouds rearranging my mind

Every day is a maybe
And the things I’ve seen lately
Tell me I should stop wondering why
And that I need to find room inside
For the ghost in my life

The ghosts in my life
Stop wondering why
Find room inside
For the ghosts in my life