Standing On My Heart
© 2018 Steve Lea

Hey, I got something to say to you
Remember when we said I do
When everything we did was simpler and true

Let’s take a walk. It’s been a while since we talked
We use to Roll and we use to Rock
And now we got to face this or taste it or make it

If you only knew
What the hell we’re supposed to do
And what it means to me just being with you

You’re Standing on My Heart, You’re Standing on My Soul
And we got a Long Long way to go
I’m praying on my knees so listen to me please
Cause here we go… oh no

Last time I checked
We were betting on heading for a wreck
Stacking wishes or we’re stacking the deck
But now we gotta count them or fold them or hold them

It’s so hard without knowing
Our Love without growing
Cause where we’ve been, is where we should be going

Chorus  x 2

So here we are now
Are we staying true to what we vowed
Do we reap what we sewn
Or is it time to let go….oh no

I’m Standing Up for You, You’re Standing up for Me
We’re standing up for all it’s meant to be
Cause I’m still Loving you & you’re still Loving me
Now there we go

You were Standing on My Heart, Standing on My Soul
Soon to be a Long Long time ago
Cause hear we are today with Nothing in the way
Now there we go

(ah, you were Standing)
Standing on My Heart
(you were Standing)

Now there we go
That’s the way to go
Now here we go