Under The Canopy
© 2018 Steve Lea

The words inside your letter it didn’t make me feel better
And I wish you had of called me on the phone

You didn’t even mention any love or your intentions
And you never said when you’d be coming home

But I’m happy to wait outside under the Canopy I can hide from the Rain

I was walking for forever underdressed wearing your sweater
Jumping puddles somehow didn’t feel the same
It may be underlying in the weather your supplying
But I kept on walking to you anyway

And I’m happy to wait outside Under the Canopy I can hide from this Rain
And I’ll keep my eyes as dry as they can be
Under the Canopy 

It must be time to 'cause I can’t stay no more
The Stagecoach is rolling away
Gotta climb aboard step on up let it take you away

Did I take it all for granted I asked the stars and then the planets?
They arrived so hopeful telling me the same

I’m happy to stay outside Under the Canopy
I asked my mother what’s left to find and to see

This is what she said to me

Be brave and fall in Love
Pick today to fall in Love
We were made to fall in Love
Don’t wait to fall in Love